We are regarded as industry leaders, focused solely on delivering great user experiences


Arthur Bramwell (aka Jr) began his company over twenty-five years ago out of his own truck in Tampa, FL. With a new wife and newborn son to take care of; he set off with the new ambition to be a leader in the industry.
Today he now has a team of trained experienced technicians that have done work from coast to coast putting a premium on affordability, reliability, and customer service.

At Jr Electronics, we are the black run company with family values rooted in our business model. Our model has been successful for over 25 years of business doing business in 37 of 50 states.

We promise that we will give you very competitive pricing, professional service, as well as quick and responsive customer service because you are part of our business family.

Once you have contacted us about your job. We will answer and schedule you immediately with one of our experienced technicians.

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