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You have surely experienced that social problems like mugging, robbery, burglary, vandalism, etc, are on the rise. You must understand that side effects of inequality between the rich and the poor are to a great extent responsible for these social problems. Florida even being the 4th largest economy in the USA, the State has a poverty rate of 15.5% that is slightly higher than the national average rate of 14.6%. Florida ranks 35th in the poverty rate in the USA. So even if 20% of people living in the poverty level of your area engage themselves with activities like burglary, mugging, and robbery; the situation is really alarming then!!

Like many, you are also very aware of the safety & security of your sweet home. You surely don’t want that intruders will enter into the home without your permission. Thieves and burglars will not wait for your permission though. So, you must have something in their way to intrude your property. JR Electronics Online ensures the safety & security of your home and other property with the help of that “something”.

Yes!! You could guess!! We are talking about the Burglar Alarm System. Our system can detect an intruder who wants to get into your home without permission from you. After the detection, the system will instantly notify you through the alarm.

You don’t need to worry even if you are out of the home. Our system will send real-time alerts on your smartphone which you can monitor 24/7. This will help you to call for any assistance immediately.

JR Electronics Online provides You the Best Home Security System in Florida

One of the greatest advantages of our burglar alarm systems is that you can integrate it with other security systems like access control, video surveillance, building automation and fire system. This all-in-one system will make your life easy and peaceful.

Types of Home Security Systems:

Home security systems are the solution to all your security needs. They provide you the first line of defense against burglars or other intruders. It is always good to think about the security of yourself and your family whether you live in a dangerous neighborhood or not.

Out of many home security systems, you may have a question on what to choose. For your better understanding, please see below and find three types of the system.

Wireless Home Alarms

This is a very plain and simple system which uses radio waves to inter-link various components of your system’s network for detecting intruders. It requires minimum time and hassle-free installation is possible. A single technician is enough to install the system with the help of a manual guide. Under this system, you don’t need to worry when there is a power outage. Back-up batteries will make sure your security.

Hardwired Home Alarms:

These systems are more suitable for the under-construction building, or where there is a wiring system already in place for the installation of a security system. They are more reliable than wireless ones. Because they are not affected by any disrupting radio waves emitted by household appliances. Additionally, they do not depend on batteries. So, they save you from the constant hassle of keeping a check on battery usage and replacing on a regular basis.

Hybrid Alarms:

Under this system, the main alarm panel is hardwired and other security components are controlled by means of radio wave technology.

How the burglar alarm system works:

You definitely have some kind of idea about how a burglar alarm system works. But we believe that before choosing the system, you should have a very clear idea on that. Your proper knowledge on the system will make the investment for it worthy.

So, fasten your seatbelt!! Let’s have a journey to know ins and outs on how your system works.

  1. Breaking the Circuit

A burglar alarm system basically consists of a simple electric circuit which is set on the way of entry.  In a circuit, electricity only flows when you give it a path between two points of opposite charge. Part of the circuit opens or closes when you turn the electricity on or off.

For your circuit to be open or closed, you don’t need any other thing but a switch. In a burglar alarm system, the switch detects the opening a door or window i.e. any act of intrusion. They work in the following two ways:

In a closed-circuit system, the door is shut when the electric circuit is closed. It means electricity can flow from one end of the circuit to the other until the door is closed. But when anybody opens the door, the circuit is opened instantly. For this reason, electricity can’t flow. This causes an alarm to buzz.

In an open-circuit system, the circuit closes for opening the door. So the electricity starts flowing then. Consequently, the alarm starts ringing.

  1. Detecting Motion

Circuit alarms play a very effective role to watch the surroundings of your house. But you have to think well about the inside part of your building too. The way intruders move is highly unpredictable. You don’t have any control over where they’ll go or what they’ll touch. Therefore only alarm will not give you a very effective result. Here, you need a motion detector to identify an intruder who is already in the house.

There are many types of motion detectors such as radar-based motion detector, photo-sensor motion detector or passive infrared (PIR) motion detector.

A radar-based motion detector sends out microwave radio energy or ultrasonic sound waves and identifies any intruder based on the reflected energy that is bounced back. The radio energy comes back in the same pattern if nobody is there in front of the door. The reflection pattern will be disturbed if it detects that somebody is present. In that case, the sensor sends an alarm signal.

A photo-sensor motion detector is a device used in a store or at a shopping mall. When somebody enters the store, the motion detector sounds a bell.

In a home security system, the light beam of the photo-sensor motion detector is used across a passageway in your house. When any person walks between the light source and the sensor, the path of the beam is blocked briefly. The sensor detects a drop in light levels and sends a signal to the control box.

Passive infrared motion detectors use the infrared energy emitted from an intruder’s body heat. When an intruder walks into the field of view of the detector, the sensor detects a sharp increase in infrared energy. There will be gradual fluctuation of heat energy in an area. So PIR detectors are designed to trigger the alarm only when infrared energy levels change very rapidly.

  1. Sounding the Alarm:

After a security system detects an intruder, it will activate:

  • a siren or other loud noise
  • the blinking lights at outdoor
  • a telephone auto-dialer

The siren and lights serve three functions such as (i) alerting the user and neighbors that someone has broken into the house; (ii) driving the intruder away; and (iii) signaling the police about which house has been broken into.

The telephone auto-dialer can:

Dial the police directly and play a pre-recorded message to give the address of the house and any other relevant information. This message will usually play over and over so that the police will still hear it even if the call is put on hold for some time.

Dial the security company that installed the equipment. In this case, the control box can feed specific information about the intrusion like which circuits or motion detectors were activated, etc. The security company then relays this information to the police.

Best home alarm/security systems:

For ensuring the safety and security of your home by installing home alarm or home security system, you must look into some important factors like cost, quality, reliability and value addition of the system. Presently, there are numerous companies around you that provide services on home security systems. For this reason, it’s easier than ever to retain your peace of mind since you don’t need to worry anymore on your home security and have several options in hand.

With the advancement of modern technology, currently, the companies involved in the business of home security system have ample scope in their hands to add more features in their systems. Added advantages of any system compel the users to depend on it more. Although there are many companies, you might be confused about which one to choose.

This is our humble effort for you to inform which are the now the best companies in the field of home security systems. We have analyzed their pricing, features, durability, brand reputation, ease of use, customer service, customer reviews, and many more factors to determine which systems denote the best value for you.

Name of the CompanyBest Feature
Frontpoint SecurityBest Home Security System
Vivint Smart HomeBest Home Automation
ADT SecurityBest Home Security Brand
SimpliSafe Home Security SystemMost Affordable Systems
Deep Sentinel Home SecurityBest Proactive Monitoring
Protect AmericaBest Landline Option
Ring AlarmBest Alexa Automation
Adobe SecurityBest Value
Nest SecureBest For Google Automation
Brinks Home SecurityBest Nest Integration

Frontpoint Security:

Having a good experience with a company makes a user loyal to it. Here, Frontpoint is the clear winner. Competitors are far behind. Their model of business focuses on “value for money” and “highest level of customer service” is really unmatched to that of the competitors. Their Knowledgeable, capable, and polite customer service representatives with their keen interest to help you 24/7 are the best selling point of home security systems.

Good SideBad Side
Competitive priceA credit check might raise prices
WirelessLong-term contract
No landline requiredNo landline option
Optional indoor/outdoor cameras
Home automation
30-day money-back guarantee
Do-it-yourself installation
Great customer service
Environmental disaster protection

Vivint Smart Home:

There are a lot of great things that have made Vivint number two as the best home alarm systems providing company. Their wide variety of options in technology and home automation is the attribute that the users love much. Their customer service is better than before.

Good SideBad Side
Sleek contemporary equipmentRequires pro installation
100% of wireless systemsAbove-average monthly cost
Same-day installationLong term contract
Lifetime warrantyThe trial may be short
Cellular and/or landline connections
Remote access through the mobile app
Indoor/outdoor video cameras
Doorbell camera with two-way voice
Environmental disaster protection
Home automation

ADT Security:

ADT is a well-known household name. Because, the service, availability, along with the reliability it provides are outstanding. The chance of an outage is very low since they have a countrywide network to monitor their alarm systems. For their 140 years of experience in the industry stands them out from the competitors in understanding the customers’ want and need. Their customer service is very good, and you can expect to get installation completed on the same day. You can also expect $500 off your insurance deductible in case you fall in an accident at the time ADT monitoring installation.

Good SideBad Side
Competitive monthly rateTechnician visits your home
Wireless or hardwiredCustomer service varies
Cellular and landline connectionsLong term contract
Indoor cameras
Devices work at home and away
Home automation
ADT 6 month money-back guarantee

SimpliSafe Home Security System:

Most of the companies providing home security system will bind you with a contract. But, SimpliSafe is one of the best companies in the industry that don’t want a contract with the users. The main business focus of this company is on monitoring system apart from the traditional security system. They value the simplified home security system.

Good SideBad Side
Low monthly ratesProprietary equipment
Easy DIY installationEquipment expense up-front
Award-winning monitoring
No long-term contracts
Wireless equipment
Cellular alerts
Environmental disaster protection
The alarm works without monitoring
Indoor video security
60-day equipment trial

Deep Sentinel Home Security:

In case of proactive home security, Deep Sentinel is the winner. Their system can stop a crime before it happens because they use layered restrictions in the system. Live surveillance blended with transformative AI Technology has made their system a better choice for users. They use two-way talk speakers, flashing lights, extremely loud siren and strong proactive monitoring which help to catch the thieves and burglars before they commit any mishap.

Good SideBad Side
24/7 human surveillanceHigh-end price
Proactively addresses crimeLack of smart home integration
No false alarms
Maintains your privacy
Locally processed artificial intelligence

Protect America:

Protect America is another one of the best home alarm system providers who have a lifetime equipment warranty. They have strong customer service management focus in their business and they have been able to establish an idea that the customers are the priority to the company. Additionally, you can get their service without paying any activation or installation fee. Their system is a great value for your hard-earned money. You can even try it for free for 30 days to see if the system suits your requirement.

Good SideBad Side
Low price guaranteeThree-year contract
Wireless equipmentCellular monitoring costs more
DIY installationStarter fees
Cell, landline or Wi-Fi monitoring
Indoor video cameras
Environmental monitoring
Home automation
Smartphone control
Equipment replaced as needed
14-day trial

Ring Alarm:

Ring Alarm has plenty of options for those who are looking for comprehensive DIY security packages that can be installed within minutes. Their monitoring plans are either free or have extremely low monthly fees. Their system is very helpful as they offer a “Neighbors App” that function like a neighborhood watch program. Ring Alarm will not bind you to sign a long-term contract and they don’t have any hidden fees.

Good SideBad Side
Easy installation processUpfront payment required for equipment
App control for all Ring products in one panelPer camera pricing model for a lower-tier plan may add up quickly
Instantly receive alerts through your mobile device
Affordable paid pricing tiers with a free option

Adobe Security:

If you are the type of person who wants value, Adobe Security is for you. It’s a top-rated home security system service provider that doesn’t require any contract with you. Their main strengths are 24/7 professional monitoring and lower-cost equipment. Moreover, their equipment is highly compatible with a wide variety of smart home automation.

Good SideBad Side
CUE home automation platformMay need to purchase many add-on items to get full home security coverage
Extensive home automation possibilitiesCan get pricey over time due to equipment pricing
Z-Wave compatibility
24/7 professional monitoring available
Support for many third-party home automation devices
30-day return policy

Nest Secure:

Nest Secure provides all the well-ordered gadgets. If you’re someone who has no problem to heavily invest in the home automation system, this is probably the perfect security system for you. Their system offers both paid professional monitoring option and self-monitoring option that won’t cost you as much.

Good SideBad Side
Wide variety of home security and smart home devices availableHigh upfront payment
Integration with third-party devicesNest Aware is priced on a per-camera basis

May be overwhelmed with product selection

Subscription plans are inexpensive and feature-rich
No contracts
The system works well even without added subscription plans
Easy installation
Professional installation service available
Centralized app control

Brinks Home Security:

Brinks Home Security is the outcome of the merger of three reputed companies in the field of the home security system. They provide a personalized. Reliable and affordable home security system. They provide unparalleled brand recognition and competitive value. Their system is affordable and has tons of attractive features.

Good SideBad Side
Rate-locked contractsMost plans require a 3-year commitment
24/7 monitoringProfessional installation cost extra
Smartphone control of the system
30-day return policy
Home automation features
2-year warranty

Simplisafe vs ADT: Which is the better

From the above review, it is already clear to you which are the best companies in the field of Home Security System. But you might still feel the hiccups to find out a better option from ADT and Simplisafe. Both companies are well-established with their long professional experience. They know your requirement well and design their systems that suit your property.

Let’s look into a comparative analysis of certain key factors indicating the companies’ performance and overall service. We believe that this analysis will help you choose the right option.

FactorsADT SecuritySimplisafe Home Security System
Best ForProfessional Home MonitoringAffordable Home Security Monitoring
Equipment CostStarting at $99Starting at $199
Activation Cost$25$0
Monthly CostStarting at $28.95Starting at $14.99
Contract Period36 MonthsNo Contract
Self-Monitoring OptionNoYes
Alexa CompatibilityYesYes
Google Home CompatibilityYesYes
Money-Back Guarantee6 Months60 Days
WarrantyVaries3 Years
Battery Backup YesYes
Environmental SensorsYesYes

Need for Home Security System in Florida:

At present, Florida is a booming economy. It has the 2nd fastest growing population in the USA. There is a huge inflow of retirees in this State. Owning 22nd position in land area in the country, Florida is the 4th most populous state today after New York, Texas, and California.

Florida is a reputed destination of the retired people from the North. About 17% of the population in Florida is aged more than 65. Whereas, the national average of old aged people is 12%. For this reason, Florida is named as the country’s oldest state.

The economy of Florida is based mainly on tourism and ecology. It has the world’s largest theme park i.e. Disney World Resort, and neighboring attractions like Sea World, Busch Gardens, Universal Studios, Cypress Gardens, aquariums, zoos, and many sandy beaches. For this reason, lots of visitors come to this Southern state each year.

The crime rate in Florida is higher than the national average. It ranks within the top ten for the worst crime per capita. Rates of property crime, violent crime are also higher in Florida. The crimes per square mile in the rest of the country is 39/m2. Crimes per square mile in Florida is much higher i.e. 74/m2.

These higher rates lead to an enormous opportunity for good business of the home security systems. There are many home security companies in Florida who are playing important roles. Equipment including alarm systems, sensors, cameras, motion detectors, and smart home automation are highly demanding in Florida.

Concluding remarks:

Our analysis will definitely help you out from choosing a better home security system. Nature of binding, investment amount, after-sales service, compatibility with modern & updated technology, product warranty, the backup facility of the battery, controllability from a remote place, etc, are some of the issues that you must keep in mind while choosing the right home security system for your valuable property.

It is pertinent to mention that your wrong decision in choosing home security system will surely fail your purpose of installing the most efficient and cost-effective solution. So, be cool and make the right decision!! We assist in your freedom of choice.

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