Video Surveillance System Through Installation of Security Camera


You are going through a very tough schedule of life!! You are to manage and maintain lots of nitty-gritty out of home and office!! But while you are out of your home or office, you sense some sort of gut feeling about the security of your properties!!

What is going on around in the home, what your employees are doing right now in the office, how the production works are running at your factory, if the goods in the go-down have been delivered to a client as promised etc. are some forms of worry that may function in the back of your mind even when you are engaged with any important work.

Video surveillance system through installation of security camera is a very pragmatic solution to curb your pressure down. At JR Electronics Online, we provide you with all the surveillance needs of your residential and commercial places. You will get all the related services at a very competitive price and with professional hands from our company.

After you install security camera as video monitoring and surveillance system at your home, office, factory premise, physical store or any of your valuable properties, you can live a peaceful life. Because, now you have the freedom to make any decision about the security issue of your properties at any time, any place without being present in the site. You can take decision while at home, you can decide while on the go and you can decide even when you are in vacation out of your country.

Smooth services from your surveillance system will highly depend if the system is going through a regular repair & maintenance work. You will be worry-free if you have a maintenance contract with a professional & experienced firm like JR Electronics Online.

Under the contract or under just a one-off service call, our professional team of engineers will visit your designated property according to schedule fixed beforehand. Then our experienced engineers will instantaneously prepare a detailed report on their findings and recommendations on how to improve the system.

Why repair & maintenance is important:

You have made a worthy investment for maintaining security of your residential and commercial properties. You are now a man with peaceful mind!! But to sustain and prolong the peace, there is no alternative to maintain your surveillance system regularly. If your system suddenly falls and you do not get the monitoring result anymore, it will give you some extra mental pressure as if you are in the middle of nowhere.

It may be the situation that for a while you didn’t get chance to look into your system. In such case, it is highly likely that dust and dirt has been accumulated on the cameras causing them not to perform well. Cameras couldn’t produce expected result. So cleaning up the cameras regularly is a must.

Furthermore, DVRs which sit idle throughout the year may lose their effectiveness until they get attention regularly. It’s not that when there is any incident, you will use the DVR. Rather you need to check them time to time. Otherwise, you will find that cameras of your surveillance system are not working someday. Else, DVR is not recording the video data anymore.

If you do not find the video content when needed due to non-functioning of your system, it will be the worst feeling you have ever experienced.


Don’t worry!! JR Electronics beside you:

You are suddenly in a disappointing situation!! Because, you have installed a video surveillance system with your hard-earned bucks. But, DVR is not showing any video footage when you need it like anything!! There is a burglary in your property and you don’t have any proof in your hand. In that case, who shall you blame to?

Be cool!! We are beside you with our full professional set up. Once we get call from you, our team will rush to your site for the inspection of your system and find out things to repair and maintenance.

Only regular maintenance of your worthy system can keep it in a right track. In JR Electronics Online, we shall take care of your total system. We offer you a complete solution of your property security system and its management. Our professional team will not only design your security system according to your requirement, but also install, synchronize and provide after sales service as and when required.

Our repair and maintenance team with their professional know how and expertise will run the system to your fullest level of satisfaction. If you have maintenance agreement with us, we provide you necessary services on fast track and cost-effective basis. We value you like our family members. You will feel the ease and comfort once you get a complete hassle free service.

Our dedicated team will be at your doorstep for the service of your system. Decision for installation of surveillance system is yours. We shall take care of the rest till the time you are satisfied with us. This is our responsibility to make you happy and peaceful with security system solution.


Who we are:

JR Electronics Online, located at Tampa in Florida, is your trusted partner for ensuring property security system. As an industry leader, we have 25 years of experience in serving people of 37 States out of 50 in the USA. We run our business model with “Family Value”. Once we get engaged to your service, we treat you as our family member. Delivering great user experience is our key focus of operation.

Our motto is providing professional services at a very competitive price. Furthermore, we ensure a quick and responsive customer service. An experienced and professional engineer will soon get back to you once we get your call for any service about surveillance system. We primarily provide services for surveillance system at Tampa area for your property sites. We design your system, install it, synchronize it with your network & monitors and we provide after sales services also.

We offer you our customized services if-

  1. you need security camera installation for your home or business;
  2. your cameras do not record to the DVR or NVR;
  3. can’t connect to view your home or business on mobile surveillance app;
  4. you have lost the video from one or more IP cameras;
  5. you have any emergency service call to get your system back up within hours; and
  6. you need a new hard disk drive in your network video recorder.


Why do you need our professional services:

You may find complete satisfaction after installation of security system at your property site. Wait!! This is not the end of the show!! You may feel otherwise with the statement. But this is the truth. For getting a seamless service from your already installed security system, you need a professional hand to regularly maintain and repair the system.

Technology has certainly made your life easier. But it can fail you sometimes. For this reason, technology will always require timely professional servicing for its smooth operation and longer life. Accordingly, maintenance is a must to perform for keeping your installed security system up-to-date. You can’t skip this. You must call and engage a professional company like “JR Electronics Online” semi-annually or annually based on the complexities of your surveillance system.

JR Electronics Online offers repair & maintenance to your existing surveillance system. We possess necessary knowledge and experience to reconfigure your system if you require. Since we believe in a co-working philosophy, we shall offer you all available options to solve your particular problem following due discussion with you.

Apart from repairing and replacing the existing equipment of your security system, we have the expertise to install and add data storage which will give you back-up facilities.

Your security system may fail for many reasons. Your camera might get old, it might be affected by the weather condition depending on the type of camera you are using, and there might be electrical faults from cabling. Whatever may be the case, we offer a complete one-stop solution for troubleshooting, repair & maintenance of your surveillance system.

In most cases of your system failure, cabling plays the pivotal role. So, you should take professional help for setting up the camera and cables. Because, both are crucial for your system. They are reciprocal. You may install the cable ad call us for the installation of the camera. In that case, you may not get expected result. Once you install cable by yourself, you should allow our expert engineer to check it for proper synchronization which will guarantee for your desired outcome.

With us, you can chose to do a Service Maintenance Contract. This Contract will include a detailed level inspection and provide the checklist of tasks to perform for the repair and maintenance. Solo servicing call for inspectors or servicing a failed system on an emergency basis will cause you to incur extra cost. You should rather chose for doing a Service Maintenance Contract with a professional company like us.

Your Service Maintenance Contract with us will not only save you from the burden of extra cost, but also give you unlimited access to us to solve an emergent situation or any recurring problem. You don’t have to hesitate to call us time and again with your problem since it is also covered under the Contract.

Under the Contract, a dedicated maintenance engineer is always stand-by for the service of your security system. The engineer will regularly visit and inspect your system and make it updated. This way, you can easily avoid the potentiality of non-functioning or malfunctioning of your security system for some insignificant issues like frayed cable or unfocused camera.

Repair and maintenance will be simple if we were the company who installed your surveillance system. Under our warranty plan, you can replace your malfunctioning piece of equipment with a functioning one.

With the advancement of technology, many up-to-date and newer version of security systems are coming out each day. But, they are also raising the malfunctioning issues for computer or software glitches. Under the Service Maintenance Contract, you are covered for such issues. We shall assess your problems remotely and solve those with immediate care and without involving you much. This will give you a freedom not to worry!! Yu don’t need to wait for an onsite tech support. Rather, on the day of the problem we shall take care of it remotely and fix at the earliest.

Another advantage of doing Contract with us is that if you require us for your future projects, we shall offer those services at a discount price. It will be convenient and less costly for you, if there is Service Maintenance Contract between us. Your future problems of malfunctioning or non-functioning of the security system are covered under this Contract.


What we check during a service:

Our professional engineers will check every aspects during their inspection of your site and recommend the actions to take. You may feel pressure of extra cost that will arise for repair and maintenance of your valuable security system. However, if you look into the following details on which our engineers focus for servicing your system, you will get a clear justification on the costing.

  • First thing our engineers will check is the picture quality of each camera and monitor. Unclear picture will not give you clear result and this will not help you to take timely and efficient decision on any security related problem of your site.
  • Our team of engineers will look for signs of any condensation on housing windows of your site. This condensation will deter the camera to give a clear aerial view of site.
  • We shall check all controllable functions like pan, tilt, zoom, focus, iris, speed, auto-pan, wiper, pre-sets etc. for each station.
  • Our team will check the operation of the recorders if they can record and replay properly.
  • Recording the retention time of your security system is a very important aspect that requires deep down checking by our engineers. They want to see if the retention time of recorded images congregates with the As-fitted document.
  • Engineers from our company will check if the operation of special equipment like video multiplexers, date and time generators are working properly. They help to identify from the video footages specific time and date of an event that happens.
  • It is very important to check the interfaces with alarms. Movement alarms, fences etc. are interesting area of our engineers for checking.
  • Appropriate result from your surveillance system will largely depend if the indications function correctly. Our engineers will check this too.
  • If camera movement and field of view is not free from obstruction, trees etc, you can’t expect desired output from your system. We know the perfect technicalities on placement and installation of cameras in right places with right angle. So, our engineers will check this issue with proper caution.
  • You may not understand that if all warning labels like movement, voltage, laser emissions etc. are not in right place, this indicate malfunctioning of your security system. During servicing your system, our engineers will verify the placement of the labels and will recommend the necessary corrective action.
  • Cabling is a crucial factor for your system to be successful to provide desired result. Our engineers will check the external, flexible cables that they are properly supported and not damaged.
  • Experienced engineers from our company will examine all metalwork especially towers and brackets to detect the signs of corrosion and damage.
  • Engineers will check if the external equipment has glands and seals on them.
  • Like other fixed assets, cables have wear and tear. Our engineers will check all external and internal wiring to find out the signs of wear and fraying. Because wear and fraying may damage your total security system if not handled with proper care.
  • They will check all fixed and flexible conduit to identify the signs of damage of your system.
  • Engineers will check all the function and wear of wiper blades and washers, the function of heaters, the function of supplementary lighting, including IR and photocells.


Tips to maintain your video surveillance:

Timely maintenance of your security system or the video surveillance system is inevitable to get uninterrupted desired output. There are many reasons for why you install security cameras in your property. These include but not limited to increasing overall safety, preventing shoplifting & theft, preventing fraud, preventing employee theft, improving safeguards, protecting against burglary, concern for customer safety, improving outside security for employees & customers, lowering the risk of vandalism, improving employee productivity & business operation, increasing sales, ensuring peace of mind, avoiding legal claims & fraud, providing business compliance, aiding law enforcement, ensuring cost-effectiveness & scalability, providing records of all activities of your business, reducing the need for hiring additional security personnel, increasing business profits, monitoring customer transactions, making good business sense, protecting against robberies, reducing monetary losses, ensuring proactive measure to prevent shoplifting, deterring the threats of shoplifting.

So, in the meantime you have understood the necessity of maintaining your security system. Here we offer some vital tips for proper maintenance of the surveillance system that help protect your residential and commercial interests.

  • Landscaping

If there are many obstructions like bushes, vines and trees before your cameras, you should not expect for clear output. You know the security cameras you use can’t see through the obstructions. So, you have to keep landscaping. You need to prune and clip neatly the bushes, vines and trees so that it ensures optimal viewing of your cameras.

Furthermore, webs from spiders and nests from insects like wasps may grow near your cameras. You need to clear these obstructions too to get a clear view from your security cameras.

  • Cleaning Lenses

You have to ensure that lenses of your security cameras are always clean. You need to timely check all your outdoor and indoor camera lenses. Find out unwanted elements like smudges, dust, and water spots on the lenses and immediately take steps to clean them. You can’t expect that your camera will give you clear shots if you have camera lenses with smudges or dirt. Compressed air can blow lens and remove all the unwanted loose trash. It is better if you start by using this tool before you use a microfiber brush for wiping the lenses very softly.

  • Inspecting Camera Housing

It is highly recommended that you will thoroughly check your camera housing and enclosures. There might have water anywhere. Check it carefully!! Check with caution if there are condensation, droplets of water, dirt & other debris around your camera housing. Because, these elements have very detrimental effect on your camera performance. Play safe with your security system. This will save your system.

  • Checking Connectors for Corrosion

Examine your connectors if they have any sign of corrosion. You should promptly replace the corroded connectors. Because corroded connectors can lead your video surveillance system to short circuit and even complete damage.

  • Cabling securely 

It is vital to check and examine all your cable connectors, which connect the monitor, DVR and security cameras of your surveillance system. You need to make it sure that they are all receiving power properly. You have to perform a detailed check-up of the cables to detect signs of wear and tear. You shouldn’t wait to replace any exposed wire.

  • Removing Dust from Your DVR or NVR

It is highly like that your DVR that quietly records the video footage for you may accumulate a layer of dust over time if you are careless about it. You need to regularly wipe the dust to prevent it from affecting the DVR’s performance. You can use a microfiber cloth or a blower to wipe your DVR.

  • Checking Your Power Supplies

You have to be always aware about the power supplies to your video surveillance system. Make sure that no unwanted event like storms, tampering and brownout can interrupt the power supply. Check time to time that your UPS battery is fully charged and do not show any warning lights. You can use voltmeter to ensure the power requirement for your security camera system. It is cheaper to replace the power supply of your security system rather to buy a new system.

  • Emptying the hard drive

It is evident that for storing the full motion video from a single camera for 3 weeks, a large hard drive with capacity of 1 Terabyte can only suffice. So, you need to back-up your data regularly and delete the video files from your hard drive to make it empty. However, you can use cloud storage system as an alternative for remote storage and viewing.

  • Verifying the recording function regularly

It is very important for you to check the recording ability of your camera system frequently. There might have somewhat wrong with the system. So before a major security incident occurs, you should take precautions to ensure the verification on a regular basis.

  • Periodically review camera position set ups

Camera position is vital to get desired result. Proper positioning ensures optimum location and camera focus. In addition to the cameras that cover the whole scene, you may include an extra camera to capture “fill the frame” images of potential intruders as they move about your property.

  • Checking the lighting

If there is no proper lighting in the focusing areas of your camera, you can’t identify the suspects. Because, proper lighting ensures illumination of suspects for easy identification.

  • Checking and removing any banners and posters 

You should regularly inspect your security system to remove obstructive materials like banner, posters etc. from the focusing area of your camera.

  • Setting the correct date and time

This is vital to ensure that your security camera system do not miss exact date and time while recording video of the events. Otherwise, your purpose of installing the system will fail you.

  • Post signage

Placing the visible signage that your property is under security camera surveillance will act as first deterrence and will help enforcing your property boundaries.

  • Securing a comprehensive maintenance coverage:

You must secure a comprehensive maintenance coverage that includes inspection, cleanings and extended warranty from the professional companies.



Security system is your asset. It is your responsibility to maintain & repair the system regularly. Timely maintenance of your surveillance system is as important as installation. Both the installation and maintenance require professional assistance. JR Electronics Online is such professional company who you can trust upon. We look after your asset with professional and emotional attitude. In Tampa, Florida you can confer upon us your responsibility of maintaining the video surveillance system. We assure you the rest for having a peaceful and stress-free life.


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