What is Cat 6:

Cat 6 Ethernet cable is a sixth generation twisted standardized pair cable. The Ethernet cable works with other physical layers. Cat 6 main feature that It has stringent with the electric channel and system noise. The cable built to 250 MHZ performance. Category 6 cable has another feature that it has length 55 meters reduced when used 10GBASE-T.

Cat 6 is terminated normally as 8P8C module connector. The feature of Cat 6 is in brief:

  • 10 Gigabit Ethernet connection
  • 164 feet single cable
  • 4 pairs of copper wire
  • All the pairs work for signaling in order to obtain its better performance.

Cat6 Cable specification:

Cat 6 cable has a good specification that helps the user choose their idle cable for networking. Specification is:

External Specification:

  • 164 feet single cable
  • 4 pair of copper wire
  • 10 Gigabit Ethernet connection

Internal Specification:

Color Code: Cat 6 has 4 pairs of the color code.

  • Pair-1: Blue and White
  • Pair-2: Orange and White
  • Pair-3: Green and White
  • Pair-4: Brown and White

Electric Parts:  the electric accessories and kits are attached to it :

  • DC: 5% Resistance capacitance unbalances
  • Pair to Ground: 100m Max
  • Conductor Resistance: 100m 20Degree Celcius Max
  • Mutual capacitance 5.6/F Max
  • NVP: 69%
  • Characteristic Impedance: e(Zo): 85~115Ω (1~250 MHz)
  • Spark Test: 2.5 Kv
  • Cable Length: 100 meter

Cat6 cable price:

In general, in USA market the Cat 6 ethernet network price is quite cheap. User or buyer can buy this product at $06 to $15.00 range. This offer helps the user to great use with their budget.

  • 10-25 Feet Cat 6 Cable Price: $6 to $7
  • 50 Feet Cat 6 Cable Price: $08 – $11 Range
  • 100 Feet Cat 6 Cable Price: $15.00
  • 1000 Feet bulk Cat-6 (Volvo Grey) with UTP Pull Box Price: $57

The difference between cat 5 and cat 6:

Cat 5 and Cat 6 are using for various purposes. These are common ethernet cables. The common activities of this two cable are both are working as a cable for electric networking. This tool uses for connect

  • Computer
  • Server to Modem
  • ISP

Cat cables are generally popular for virtual networking. The Cat 5 and 6 both are capable of high-level performance.

About Cat 5:

Cat 5 Cable is divided into two segments:

  1. Cat 5 Cable
  2. Cat 5E Cable

Cat 5 is quite out dates in last few years.This cable can handle up to 10/100 Mbs with 1000MHZ bandwidth version. It helps the performance faster.

In another hand, Cat5E cable is invented from 15 years ago. This is the updated version of Cat 5. The performance is standard and improves the functions. It helps to get fast speed and make the network to flow high-level performance. So significant it keeps a distance without impact by crosstalk.

About Cat 6 Cable:

This cable is the backbone of primarily related networking. Cat 6 has 10 Gigabits data, which bandwidth 164 feet long single cable can serve high-level performance.

Cat 5 Features:

  • 1GB speed of 100 meters
  • 250 MHZ frequency
  • More crosstalk during cable construction
  • Need faster change or update

Cat 6 Feature:

  • 10 GB speed Data with 55 Meters
  • 550 MHZ Frequency
  • Less Crosstalk
  • Future proof and most updated.

What is the difference between cat6a and cat6:

Cat 6a Features:

Cat 6a is the updated version of Cat 6 Cable. By Cat 6a Cabling user can install with network and its performance relatively better. In Cat 6 where extra more length and capacities use. Like Cat 5 and 5E cables, they use 1GB data for speed network. But the updates of Cat 6a offer the user 10GB Data Speed. Although Cat 6 can avail 10GB speed it only possible with a short length of the cable.

Cat 6a cable can stricter if protection issues stand against alien crosstalk. Crosstalk stands when the signal function leaks from one cable to another. It makes a noise by signal warp and device become slower.

The features of Cat 6a are listing in below:

  • Thickness cable
  • Stricter alien crosstalk protection shield use by manufacturer
  • Cat 6a cost is relatively higher in fact double of Cat 6a

Cat 6 Features:

Cat 6 is the previous invention of cat 6a. it has 10GB data speed with a single cable. Like 6a, this cable has also built with crosstalk protection that reduces warp in signals.

The differences between Cat 6a and Cat 6 can find out as below:

  • Cat6a has 10 Gigabits rated for best use in while for Cat 6 also 10 GB in the feature but rated for 1GB only.
  • Cat 6a performance higher bandwidth service than Cat 6
  • Cat 6a cost is expensive the Cat 6
  • Cat 6a is good to use for reducing crosstalk. Cat 6a works better than Cat 6.
  • Cat 6a cable is thicker, but cat 6 is much bold.
  • Cat 6a is the update feature of Cat 6.

The LTE of a cat 6 Ethernet Network:

The full meaning of LTE stands as “Long-Term Evolution”. For cat 6, LTE uses to clarify the performance and strength Technolgy. Cat 6 LTE works for next evolution in technology support. A user likes to get more data and speed for making their working process quicker. By cat 6 that offer 1GB rated Speed and for long feet cable give 10GB rated speed. So any user can consume more data. LTE helps to network development. Today’s world user is like to move one place to another. LTE is a core application, which improved customer efficiency. The user can move with it anywhere, one branch to another. By this LTE, Cat 6  cost reduce with bandwidth services and offer more speed data.

LTE cat 6, a layout of 3GPP, well-designed tool that allows to increase network speed and control the conception. LTE cat simply defines as an advance network built with technology that offers double speed through worldwide.  In Cat, the manufacturer uses LTE in Cat 3 and later in Cat 6 cables. In Cat 6, where LTE use 100 Mbit/S. by this LTE, cat 6 speed generate double to triple which varies upon the speed.

There are two methods used in Cat 6 LTE:

  1. Dual Band Antennas:
  2. LTE Carrier Aggregation
  • Dual Band Antennas: Like mobile accessories that designed and capability built as 1800MHZ to 2600MHZ. this frequency stand upon antennas.
  • LTE Carrier Aggregation: Another hand allows a component that effective with high bandwidth networks. By this, the carrier performance will faster speed, get better efficiency and stable net connection.

LTE Cat 6 adaption rate is lower in the USA. The future of wireless like cable connectivity tools in the USA and abroad, once these technologies are generally strong.

Cat 7 better than Cat6a:

Cat 7 features:

Cat 7 Ethernet network cable is the updated version comes for the user. Cat 7 relatively offer a high level of data speed. Its key features :

  • 10 GB Ethernet,
  • 10,000 Mbps per seconds,
  • 500MHZ
  • Exceptional data speed
  • House and business, office performance can use
  • Whole home technology solution
  • Resistance to EMI
  • Low voltage consumption
  • Benefit by the home user as a smart installation process.

Cat 6a Feature at a glance:

  • Built with standard wire
  • Higher bandwidth cable service
  • Minimize issue of crosstalk


Overview of the two cables, Cat 7 is better than cat 6a. There are some reasons that come the first choice as Cat 7 Cable:

  • One Step Ahead: Cat 7 updates cable from 6a. its function and performance both ahead form Cat 6. More than it has flexible and expandable option for cabling. It helps the user to re-wiring in future.
  • Accessories: Cat 7 has a great copper section rather than other features. More than it offers accessories like racks and cabinets for home user installation.
  • Double Speed: Cat 7 is more efficiently work and easy to pair. It has 10,000 Mbps service so the user can get better data speed.
  • Smart cable: It works better than Cat 5, 5E, 6 and 6a. So from the features, it can easy to identify the working performance is smarter than other cables.
  • 750 meter Cable: In a house where cat 7 is easily installed because it has 750 meters cable, which is a similar look to 3 boxes of cable.
  • Popular Cable: in a review on Twitter or social media, anyone can get the product user review. So Cat 7 is well-renowned cable and the most user already have used also reviewed about

Cat 6 faster than cat 5:

Cat 6 and Cat 5 features look at a glance, so the user can get a proper answer:

Cat 5 Features:

  • 1GB speed of 100 meters
  • 250 MHZ frequency
  • More crosstalk during cable construction
  • Need faster change or update

Cat 6 Feature:

  • 10 GB speed Data with 55 Meters
  • 550 MHZ Frequency
  • Less Crosstalk
  • Future proof and most updated.

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From the features part of the two cables, it is easy to declare that Cat 6 has obviously worked faster than cat  5. Because cat 5 has 250 MHZ frequency where 6 has 550 MHZ. more than Cat 5 offer 1GB Data speed where Cat 6 offers 10GB Data Speed. So, Cat 6 is faster than Cat 5.