Remote Video Monitoring Solution

In this modern-day, human civilization is experiencing a tremendous development in all spheres of livelihood. Due to the availability of natural and man-made abundant resources, United States of America is one of the most prominent nations in the world and the USA is known as the land of opportunity. For this reason, many people from around the world dream to migrate and live in the USA.

However, there is also another side of the coin. For a rising level of both physical & virtual terrorism around the globe, the USA is no exception in the case of security threat. As a superpower, USA deploys a substantial portion of its resources for ensuring the security of the whole country. Maintaining in-land security is another vital function for both state and federal government.

For an increasing level of moral degradation, events like theft, burglary and other misdeeds detrimental to the society are also on the rise. Florida as the south-most contiguous states in the USA has a robust economy which is 4th largest in the country. Florida is also one of the most populous states in the USA. Therefore, people living in the state need to be extra vigilant by way of stealth for maintaining the security of properties and assets besides measures taken by the government.

Security solution like Remote video monitoring can provide ease to the lives of the citizen of Florida by implementing home monitoring system or other property monitoring system through remote video surveillance, neighborhood surveillance system, and remote alarm system.

What is Remote Video Monitoring:

Remote CCTV monitoring is a cost-savvy, pro-responsive & documentary alternative to on-site patrol and security guard. In remote video motoring system, a bunch of IP cameras or online video cameras are installed at different points of property for monitoring and recording every moment within coverage and sending the live videos to remotely located monitors.

Remote camera monitoring services enable users with internet access to view live video on a Personal Computer monitor or laptop literally from anywhere in the world. To enable you for remote viewing, you need to simply type in the IP address of your remote surveillance cameras in your internet browser like you would do for any website.

Once you’ve obtained an IP address to view online, you can then begin to experience what it’s like to view your remote video camera system from a remote location.

Remote surveillance cameras are typically harmonious with almost all web browsers. It is worthy to mention that specific web browser support may vary from manufacturer to manufacturer.

The system can warn for any suspicious event by remote alarm systems to take pro-active measures. An on-site security guard or patrol may not provide timely reporting and proper coverage of the properties due to human errors. Whereas, remote video surveillance system can provide better communication & coverage and documentary evidence of events that happen.

A tailor-made solution of security can be offered under this system for the properties like homes, office buildings, plants & factories, project sites, shopping centers, etc.

By way of stealth, remote surveillance can provide multiple benefits to citizens of Florida since remote security monitoring cover wide areas to capture videos and call automatically to property owners, property managers, on-site guards and local law enforcing agencies if needed.

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How to setup remote access video surveillance:

The city dwellers in their busy and hectic life feel the need for a security system like CCTV monitoring, nighthawk monitoring, video surveillance monitoring, construction site monitoring, at their properties which can be monitored remotely. While in office or while on the go for catching up an important meeting or while attending any event outside the home, people sometimes feel what is happening in the house or in the property.

Irrespective of the level of the busyness, security issue of house and other properties always function in the back of mind. You may forget to close the window of the house while going out and this may allow the intruders to enter into your sweet home and do whatever he likes to. For the commercial properties like supermarket and stadium uses security surveillance to save the properties from unwanted situation likes left and burglary commercial building security systems play a very important role

apartment security system will ensure your apartment complex security like an installation security camera for apartment will give you peace of mind. Through apartment surveillance camera you can observe what your children are doing at home and can aware your property is safe. Also, you might be concerned about the movement and security of your staff at the office by setting up job site surveillance cameras you can ensure your Jobsite security system.

For the big commercial property and production factory security system is very essential, Floor manager and security staffs need to observe 24 7 security camera what is happening on the production floor of the factory, or if you are running several construction sites and concern about the construction job site security you can easily get updated and keep observation by setting up, construction security cameras. By installation, a construction site surveillance camera or construction site video monitoring system will help you to pacify the mind by providing real-time data.

Setting up a video monitoring system which can be controlled remotely follows some steps. live security camera monitoring is basically your eye on your properties even when you are not physically present. You can easily check the status and take steps accordingly from any corner of the world.

The beauty of the system is that you can monitor what is happening around your properties without hampering others. This technology of stealth will offer you a hassle-free service. If you are looking for installation security cameras Florida best place to contact is

Setting up a remote surveillance camera systems starts by the installation of IP Camera or Online Video Camera at the pre-determined locations of your site. These remote surveillance cameras record every single moment within their focused range of areas. This video monitoring service is then sent to Digital Video Recorders (DVR).

From DVR, video data is sent to remotely placed monitors from which a user of the system gets real-time information on what is going around in his place of property.

Remote alarm systems are an integral part of live video monitoring. If the remote video finds any intruder or suspicious movement in the site, it instantly sends a notification to activate the alarm.

How Does Real-Time Video Monitoring Work:

Real-time video monitoring is a security solution which is cost-effective and proactively responsive. This real time security camera system can protect your business site, moneymaking property or home from damage caused by criminal and environmental factors.

Your system also called “fire and intruder alarm system” is usually connected to an internet-enabled remote monitoring station. Based on your requirement, this connection can be live 24/7. Else you can only switch on at times when your site gets unattended.

When your remote camera detects an intruder, fire or other unusual activity, an alarm is sent to the remote monitoring station.  Operators at the station answer alarms. When an alarm is answered, footage from your online video cameras is used to investigate the cause of the alarm.

You can use remote video cameras to view the site from different angles. By this way, a crucial step is ensured so that intruders cannot hide in any hidden place of the site.

If suspicious activity is spotted, you can take action without any delay. They can notify the emergency services automatically and call the key holder for your site.

If there is an intruder at your site a live audio warning will swiftly be issued:

“For your attention, please!! This is a security announcement. You are being monitored and recorded on a live video security system. This is private property. Leave now. Otherwise, further course of action will follow.”

In most cases, this audio warning will deter intruders from entering your site. However, if your site remains at risk, please update the emergency services so that stern immediate action can be taken.

As you can visually verify the alarm, there will be added credibility to the call and will ensure a rapid emergency response.

Remote video surveillance can save your hard-earned dollars in possible losses through theft, criminal damage, and fire. It ensures your security systems are an investment worth making.

What is remote mobile video monitoring:

You are passing a very busy life. You come in and out of work, go on vacations, run like a machine in order to settle your scheduled events. In such circumstance, you are definitely not out of mind and time to plan for a remote video surveillance system.

For the well-being and safety of your sweet home and business, it is very crucial to invest for a technology of stealth where you can keep your valuable properties under video monitoring system.

You may need to access a live view of your remote video cams from home or business. Much of the time you may not actually be able to present onsite. But your installed remote camera system will give you the fresh information with video evidence.

Remote video surveillance, on the one hand, will help to view your properties under surveillance on site. On the other hand, the advancement of the video security system has made it possible easy and simple to oversee your properties from any internet-enabled PC or smartphone.

This security system comprises mainly of remote video camera and video surveillance app which helps you to start viewing your properties off-site.

Mobile Monitoring:

Today mobile telephone is the most used device throughout the world. Mobile telephones are not used merely for the purpose of conversation and communication only. They are devices which people use for multi-various purposes. Controlling and overseeing the remote video is now at the palmtop by the use of a mobile telephone.

For remote mobile video surveillance, remote monitoring has been heightened to a whole new level. Now, complimentary mobile surveillance apps are available while buying a remote video surveillance system. It gives you the ability to view and manage your security cameras from a smartphone or tablet like the iPhone, iPad, or Android phones.

Many of these mobile surveillance apps will allow you to do multiple tasks.

You can

  • view output of all the cameras simultaneously;
  • control settings;
  • view recorded images;
  • search through archived footage;
  • playback events and much more.

Just like you can view the output of your security camera(s) on a remote PC/laptop, you need to have an internet data plan and IP address to do so. Remote video surveillance is perfect for users who are often off-site and not able to be on the local computer system where their IP cameras are connected.

Difference between Remote and Mobile Video Surveillance:

Online viewing is the common outcome of remote monitoring and a mobile security camera app. The main difference between the two arises on the basis of usability features. Remote video monitoring will give you greater control over your remote camera system for management of settings and recording video. You usually need a more reliable and secure internet connection, if you’re checking up on your video security system from your home or hotel on a PC or laptop.

On the other hand, a mobile security camera app requires a smartphone with a data plan and may lose connection from time to time in no-coverage zones. It’s also a matter of personal preference. If you use the internet primarily on your smartphone, then surveillance through mobile may be the right choice for you.

Remote Video Surveillance and Mobile Monitoring: What Helps You and How?

If you want to view and manage each output file of your security cameras, you do not require to be “on location” for both Remote security camera monitoring and mobile surveillance.

It’s not that you’re confined to view and monitor the output of just one camera remotely. Rather, remote video surveillance apps provide concurrently both the viewing and multi-site options so that you can get the chance of examining all the output of your video cameras installed in your business or home.

Users are highly convenient for the benefit of off-site monitoring which gives them the freedom to come and go according to their suitable time without having to worry about their property.

Remote mobile video monitoring is a great advantage to have when you’re on vacation. If you’ve installed two or three IP cameras at your property and decide to make a trip in any place, you can still monitor your site. Also, you will receive email notifications if your online video cameras detect motion or tampering.

Essentially, remote video surveillance ensures that you don’t need to be at the exact location of your security cameras to keep a watchful eye on your property. In addition, you will get wonderful result from the system by using pet cams, nanny cams, and pool cams. It’s an amazing gift of technology that you’re not limited to what you can view. Surveillance on the go has never been much easier and investment-worthy.

Features of Remote Video Monitoring

  1. The real-time video display is a primary selling point for remote and mobile monitoring. Having direct access to your live camera feed gives you the power to monitor your property without actually being there.
  2. Some video monitoring systems offer remote web interfaces and video surveillance apps that provide remote access to your IP camera system. These Internet-based platforms give you instant access to live camera displays and recorded video footage that works on PCs and some smartphones. You simply log on to the NVR’s web interface or app to facilitate real-time monitoring.
  3. Another benefit of remote monitoring and mobile surveillance is of having some integrated mobile apps and web interfaces with the help of which you can view recorded video. This is especially helpful when you’re on vacation. This feature enables you to review recorded video and decide if it’s relevant or not or notify law enforcement if you come across something suspicious that was captured on video.
  4. You can configure your IP camera in such a way that images are sent directly to your email account or smartphone via multimedia messaging service if motion, tampering, or vandalism is detected. Images can also be sent on a schedule to keep you abreast of what your video monitors.
  5. You can configure your security cameras with video management software to send email alerts to your smartphone or email account for evidentiary purposes and as a way to archive footage deemed important.
  6. You can do a lot more with mobile and remote monitoring than just viewing live video. A number of video monitoring services offer web interfaces and cloud services that you can access from remote locations. These online platforms allow you to control the settings and configure your IP camera system like you would do onsite.

Legal problems with video monitoring of hospitalized patients:

No relevant data has been found whether there are legal consequences if a remote video monitoring systems are implemented for hospitalized patients.

However, it is evident from research works that use of remote surveillance system for hospitalized patients can help improve the quality of patient care, reduce the cost of the patient sitting and increase patient satisfaction. This, in turn, helps to increase the business potentials of the hospitals.

Across the spectrum of healthcare facilities, developing cost-effective solutions to reduce accidental falls without compromising patient safety has become a priority. Each year, from seven lac to one million people in the United States fall in the hospital. More than 30 percent of these falls result in an injury that requires additional treatment and sometimes a prolonged stay at the hospital.

The average cost of a fall with injury is $14,000 and this cost is not reimbursable from Medicare and other payers. Beyond patient safety and the associated costs, these falls put facilities at risk for litigation and negatively impact patient satisfaction and a facilities’ reputation.

For this reason, healthcare facilities are reevaluating the tools and care processes that are in place in order to significantly reduce the number of falls and the injuries they often cause.

From a facilities standpoint, technology is playing a pivotal role in reducing fall risk and improving patient satisfaction starting from low-tech bed alarms to integrated communication systems.

But most healthcare facilities rely heavily on patient sitters to monitor patients for 24X7. Nonetheless, in most cases, patient sitters are only feasible for extremely high-risk patients.

For a growing number of facilities, the right-size solution is a combination of technology and caregiver involvement.

Through remote monitoring of patients via video surveillance technology, trained hospital staff can observe the activity of multiple high-risk patients from a central location on each floor.  For patient privacy, the video is live and not recorded.

Used in conjunction with advanced communications and other procedures, remote video monitoring can lower staffing requirements while reducing risk and exposure for patients and the facility itself.


What makes remote video surveillance and mobile monitoring so favorable is that they both fit within your busy schedule. Remote monitoring and mobile surveillance give you on-the-go, real-time access to your live camera view. You can have your virtual eye to check up on your property anytime, day or night. The remote solutions made available by IP camera, and even third-party mobile app developers are manifold. Now, it is up to you to decide which one best suit your day-to-day routine.

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