Structured Data Network Cabling

Structured Data Network Cabling :

A structured cabling is a system associated with hardware. It helps to maintain telecommunication process. It’s such a useful infrastructure service that has used for a lot of purpose like Transmit data service. Like Telephone and Computer, structured cabling work as a network builder.

Structured Cabling system is unique system and it develops in many variations. Like:

  • Structured cabling is usually used in Architectural sites like Buildings.
  • Equipment of this product has installation support for present to future
  • Manufacture warranty provides.
  • Best use of house and office cabling

The main components of Structured Cabling are:

  • Connecting Hardware: Idle cable for multi-purpose use. By a structured cable, the user can connect with :
  1. Interconnection
  2. Cross connection
  3. Blocks
  4. Patch Panels
  • The actual cable: The cable has Electro-Magnetic interference (EMI) sources that sometimes exist. By this User will know about their restricted areas. It recommends for the user to plan right way before copper cabling. A structured cabling which is built with
  1. optical fiber
  2. Twisted Pair copper
  3. Coaxial Copper
  • Path of Cabling: By using a structured cabling it gives a space to pass the network. The Pathways works as shafts, raceway and floor penetrations.
  • Floor Wiring Closet: In generally for house flooring purpose user can use this feature. Some precaution use before floor wiring such as:
  1. Weight load factors
  2. Water resistance
  3. Electric cable access path lighting
  4. Room size
  5. Electric grounding
  6. Location near the entrance of the house or office.
  • Miscellaneous: Structured cabling provides miscellaneous facilities and supports. These are:
  • Support Cable Hardware
  • Fire stopping Cable
  • Grounding Hardware.

These components work as the backbone of structured cabling to build strong telecommunication or networking services.

What is a structured cabling system:

To design an infrastructure like home or office and campus etc purposes, structured cabling system provides good services. Cabling that consists of small standard elements. So it helps an infrastructure site proper way to design and installed by structured cabling.

So, structured cabling system is a series of patch panels and boxes. These tools are used to create a structural base that helps to hardware ports with patch channel at the top level of the network. Thus a patch panel is connected with another patch by the network in Main Distribution Area (MDA). The MDA is a key to structured cabling. By this system, Move, Adds and Changes (MAC) can prepare simply with patch cords.

Structured Cabling Basics:

A structured cabling is the full function of cabling which is relating to hardware tools. It helps to build strong telecommunication infrastructure. Example: Telephone System.

Some Basic function needs to follow up with structured cabling. The issues list below:

  • Cable and connection products
  • Installation of cabling function
  • Configuration of installation process
  • Architectural structure like house or office where to install
  • Support equipment for installation

The structured cabling system starts up their operation at the point of service provider terminates. This is known as Demarcation or DEMARC.

The cabling industry follows American National Standards Institute (ANSI) design system. It is an organization who keep maintaining and practicing the function of structured cabling. ANSI has a standard format that accepts all cable the industry during design, installs and cabling maintenance or installation.

Structured cabling installation:

For installation structured cabling, some issues need to follow. The design system and installation determine a set of standard model. The user can use this for wiring data centers, home, office, campus or residential building for telecommunication purposes. To make the process meaningful, different types of the cable uses such as Cat 5E cable or Cat 7. This tool built with fiber optic and work as media connector.

So structured cable installation can do for house and office. Let’s see what factors are standing in the installation process:

  1. Server Room Design: The room where install the structured cable must test the room design. The design of the server room needs to Tested by IT specialized. Also, ensure that IT equipment and accessories can easy to set up.
  2. Voice and Data Cabling: IT technician requires to develop the voice and data cabling. Good voice quality requires to set up with Data Cabling.
  3. System Consultancy: Good design maintain for consultant system.

Benefits of Structured Cabling:

Structured cabling that helps to design the infrastructure network system. An organization can operate their all communicate networking took such as Computer or Mobile with this system. Moreover, it works as reliable and worldwide renown solution for communication.

The benefit sides are :


Any organization can easily set up this cabling system. Like in office, the school where need telecommunication network. So by a professional IT Expert, it can easily set up for meet organization goal.

Cost Effective:

This tool will give an investor cost-effective solution. It has the flexibility to install anywhere. To maintain an office or business center, it will provide a low-cost budget tool and smooth running operation. The high level of network flow that helps the user or an office employee to get boosted of information. The flow of information can bring business success. More than by single cabling can reduce power as well as cost. So the organization will benefit to save not only mone but also their valuable time.


A high level of flexibility offers the user to work the right way and meet the organizational goal. It depends on MAC factors (Moves, Adds, and Changes) which helps to minimize installation time.

Reduce Risk:

Telecommunication networking system helps to workflow faster and error remover. A human can make mistakes and recovery may need huge time investment. But using a structured cabling system, it helps the networking system to reduces risks. By organized cabling structure, the workflow can be disrupted and the network can be down. So the benefit of using a well-planned cabling system will bring short time workflow with a high level of network flow.

Future Investment:

The organization has some goals. To keep updated and compete with other, all organization need a proper bandwidth service. They need to hire an IT specialist to maintain their cabling. Every organization and business center need a center where they operate customer service. So it is a future-proof investment for all organization. This system allows them to keep growing.

The International Standard for Structured Cabling:

ANSI – American National Standard Institute, is a standard design system that follows by all cabling industry. In 1991, TIA – Telecommunication Industry Association and EIA – Electronic Industry Association, has enabled commercial building telecommunication cabling standard. It has certified by ISO/IEC-11801 as per customer premises. The international cabling standard that followed ANSI/TIA/EIA-568 cabling standard.

ANSI/TIA/EIA-568 cabling standard: It is a set of telecommunication standards. This is permitted by Telecommunication Industry Association (TIA). It has commercial building cabling product and service which relates to telecommunication.  It has developed in 1991. The last update feature comes at 2000.

TIA/EIA defines the design, build and manage a cabling system with structured. The system has a design in blocked that create a merge communication system. For an example, LAN  works as a group that represents a block with low performance. Block works here as sprit networking.

What are the risks of not switching to a structured cabling system:

There are some issues stand for the user to choose their niche cable. The user or Organisation face risks during they use it. The reasons stand as:

  • System Downtime: Organisation employees can make a mistake by operating cables. By Staff members or technicians also this fault can happen. The fault like disorganized huge cables or removed a cable. This kind of interruption can slow down the process and workflow. Thus the system can down.
  • The Airflow: Airflow issue occurs when whole body and sides are congested with cabling bulks. It happens for switch operate problem.

Airflow risk can be reduced by underfloor cooling, cabling congestion with space use.

  • Disorganised and Unprofessional: professional IT expert can maintain structured cabling system proper way. In many cases, for reducing cost, organization not hire a professional IT. So their system gets a mess and looks

Structured cabling vs conventional point to point cabling:

About Point to Point Cabling:

By point to point cabling system it defines a data center. It used fiber cables that use to connect one switch server to another switch. The fiber cable switch connects direct way with storage nit switch. This system is work as “jumper”.

Point to point cabling uses in small connection. It works through a data center as a medium. When connection center of data increases, point to point cabling flexibility low down. In that case, need to change the data infrastructure center to get more flexibility. When the first data center built, end-user terminal connection with a point to point data center.

This system has more complex and relatively price cost is higher. One demerit that point to point cabling has two surfaces:

  1. ToR: Top of the Rack
  2. EoR: End of Row

The surface use of this medium with P2P cables. It is quite expensive. That might discourage the user from a replacement for standard structured cabling system.

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About Structured Cabling:

Strength and flow of network system work with cables, equipment. It helps to build data workflow consistency. Structured cabling combined data, voice, security and wireless communications. Distribution areas flexible with the standard based connection.  It uses some equipment that helps to connect to the server to server. the requirement fulfill by the storage device to switch device. Structured cabling is associated and followed up by ANSI standard that has a standard design, installation in maintenance, documentation system model build. So that helps the user organization and cabling industry to use the product at a low cost and get more flexibility.

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